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Understanding Network behind the Object Recognition as a Brain

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Mechanism of Human Vision

How to Build a CNN-LSTM architecture in Python

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Let me make your life easier…

Just a quick tutorial

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Is Numpy Always Faster?

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Cognitive Science Behind the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Image by Author

Synaptic Plasticity

DBMS, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Columnar, Relational, Big Data, and more…

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Getting Address, Postal Code, Distance, and More

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Getting Address Information

NLP preprocessing, BoW, TF-IDF, Naive Bayes, SVM, Spacy, Shapely, LSTM, and more

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Sentiment Analysis

Detecting Pneumonia Using Convolutional Neural Network

Eigenimages of normal and pneumonia X-rays

Eunjoo Byeon

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